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Client: Grampians wellbeing

Grampians Wellbeing is a yoga & reiki studio located in country Victoria. Owner, Sheree, quit her Corporate Regional Manager role in a firm that she'd worked at for 17 years to become a full-time Yoga Teacher. 

Her passion for helping others change their life through yoga helped her to create her business Grampians Wellbeing and grow it into an amazing business centred around her clients.

Together, we worked on:

• Brand Identity

• Logo (main, secondary & submark)

• Fonts & colour palette

• Social media templates

• Graphics to update her website


The Problem:

Sheree had found that she had outgrown her previous branding. It was not aligned with the new direction that she was going and it did not feel professional. She was not sure who her ideal clients were or how to resonate with them as she ventured into growing her online presence and online classes (due to covid)

The Solution:

We revisited Sheree's brand foundations to help her understand who her ideal clients, what her core values and goals were for her brand and how she could use her brand voice to position herself. We created beautiful visual elements and colours that nod to the Grampians National Part where she lives and organic, abstract, imperfect shapes to represent the fluidity of yoga and that her yoga classes are for every age and ability.

"Thank you SOOOO much!  I love it all so much.

I've loved working with you George.  Thanks so much for giving my little business the boost that she needed.  I can't wait to see what's ahead xxx"