Client: Tess Batchelor 

I was so pleased to be able to work with Tess in creating her branding. Tess is a wonderful, caring mum of two and wife who has realised her passion for helping women in their most vulnerable state - child birth. 

Tess and I worked closely and intuitively to create branding that was meaningful, impactful, subtle and feminine.

Together, we worked on:

• Brand Identity

• Logo (main, secondary & submark)

• Fonts & colour palette

• Social media templates

• Website


The Problem:

Tess was starting her business and was looking to uncover her ideal clients, and figure out how to speak directly to their heart. Tess isn't your regular doula, she is very practical, wanted to create a brand that was inclusive for all women, of all belief systems. She wanted a visual brand that was earthy and inviting to match her personal style.

The Solution:

Together Tess and I really uncovered who she was seeking to call in, in terms of ideal client. We used a combination of warm, earthy tones and rich greens to be grounding and moody. We created her brand foundations and taught Tess how to personal brand herself online and in person for her new clients. 

Since working with you I feel like I have evolved and I have really figured out my WHY. Thank you so much for all you have done with the website and packages etc. My god it all looks so beautiful.