Brand Strategy design

Branding is such a impactful process that allows businesses to truly be seen and loved by their ideal clients. You may have heard that branding isn't about what you say your business is, it's about what your audience says you are. This is completely true which is why we work on your internal messaging, core DNA, mission, vision and values so that your brand is not only a beautiful representation of your brand but that it actually makes sense and resonate deeply with your ideal client. 



In the Discovery stage we will have uncover your authentic brand. This includes:

Mission Statement • Vision • Values • Your Why • Messaging • Brand Voice • Brand Positioning • Ideal Client • Problems & Solutions .



Once we have uncovered your Brand's DNA we move into the design section. This is where we tie everything together to visually present your brand in a way that is aligned, practical, and of course, absolutely stunning. 



Lastly is when we have the final handover of all deliverables, this includes your logo and any other design items that were created as a part of your package. There is also some items of training for you to ensure brand consistency.